Classic Alice Extends its World with Podcasts

Popular character “Cara Graves” launches a new podcast within the show’s world

Aug. 22 2014
By Kate Hackett

In a very exciting move, Bam!Produced and Kate Hackett Productions have created a podcast called “This Proof is Treble”, starring a popular character from the hit series ‘Classic Alice’ (


‘Classic Alice’ has always been a transmedia storytelling experience, which means that it transcends just video-hosting platforms. The team uses Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and many other popular social media accounts to fully immerse its fans. By including a podcast, ‘Classic Alice’ branches into completely new territory and establishes an all-new way to expand Classic Alice’s online world and presence.

“The webseries community is very good at finding innovative ways to push beyond ‘just’ a webseries. I think that introducing a podcast adds a really great layer both for the show and for Cara’s character,” says creator and star, Kate Hackett.

Transmedia producer and co-writer of the podcasts, Dana Shaw, added, “I love listening to podcasts – there are eight of them or so that I have in constant rotation when I’m driving – and music is just such a big part of Cara’s offscreen life that it seemed natural to give her a platform to share her thoughts and her music.”

By giving Cara Graves, played by Elise Cantu, an outlet that is in line with her personality, ‘Classic Alice’ allows itself to further leap off the screen and into the lives of its fans. The team has utilized the popular website SoundCloud, which is partnered with Classic Alice’s network MakerStudios, to upload and create playlists.

“The podcast provides a unique platform for fans to connect not only with the characters in the world, but also with each other.  I’m really hoping that it turns into an opportunity for people to share their mutual love of music, and maybe even to find new music to enjoy!” Cantu stated.

Catch “This Proof is Treble” every Friday at 9am starting August 29th at


A webseries from Kate Hackett Productions in association with BAM!Produced. Inc., Classic Alice is the story of college student Alice Rackham. When she receives a bad grade on an essay, she partners with her friend Andrew to film a documentary about living her life according to classic literature. In the first season Alice lived according to Crime and Punishment. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, season 2 will see Alice live by Pygmalion, The Butterfly, and Beyond!

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