Classic Alice’s World Expands into Podcasts

The series continues to add new media elements to its story.Album Art Pick

November 4 2014 By Jennifer Verzuh Los Angeles, CA

The ‘Classic Alice’ team is pleased to announce they’ll be expanding the show’s universe even further with the addition of a second in­world podcast, “Pens vs. Lens”, following the successful incorporation of “This Proof is Treble,” the show’s music based podcast which premiered in late August.
This podcast will feature characters Alice and Andrew from the popular webseries ‘Classic Alice’ ( played by Kate Hackett (who is also the series creator, producer, and writer) and Tony Noto respectively. The two will discuss books compared to their film adaptations.
While filming the Books Two through Seven of ‘Classic Alice’ Noto suggested that Alice and Andrew run a podcast; it was an idea Hackett embraced.
“When I proposed it, she immediately knew how to incorporate it into the story and when our characters would introduce it [organically within the series],” he said.
To up the stakes, Noto said he and Hackett have decided to make each episode into a competition. Fans can vote via Twitter on who they think won the argument that week and the loser will be forced to wear a costume from either the book or film.

AlbumArtVer1-2The first episode of “Pens vs Lens,” which debated the merits of 2010’s “Alice in Wonderland” versus the original novel by Lewis Carroll, was released on November 3. New episodes are slated to be released Mondays at 9am Pacific on the series at and “This Proof is Treble” will continue to air on Fridays at 9am on the same channel.
Fans of the show are also encouraged to keep up with the characters through the transmedia world at



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