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12/17/15 Press Release: Classic Alice Announces Groundbreaking Transmedia App Experience
12/1/15 Press Release: Classic Alice Announces Persuasion Arc, Charity Auction, & Holiday Fun!
11/3/15 Press Release: Classic Alice Announces New Book & Celebrates 100 Episodes
9/29/15 Press Release: Classic Alice Announces Halloween Arc Dracula
9/9/15 Press Release: Classic Alice​ Launches New Interactive Literary Magazine & School Store Designs
8/27/15 Press Release: Back to School with Classic Alice
7/30/15 Press Release: Classic Alice Transmedia Expands with Character Diaries
7/22/15 Press Release: Classic Alice Launches Spinoff Musica Mundana
6/26/15 Press Release: Classic Alice Celebrates One Million Views!
6/2/15 Press Release: Classic Alice ​Returns With All­-New Episodes on June 9th
4/30/15 Press Release: Literary Webseries ​Classic Alice ​Enters Production on All­-New Season

Press & Reviews

3/1/17: Building a Multi-Dimensional Web Series Universe (Stareable)
1/28/16: TERRIERS INBIZ: “Classic Alice” creator shares timeless novels through social platforms (The Daily Free Press)
1/14/16: Say Goodbye To Classic Alice By Watching The Final Episode And Final Credits (Geek Alabama)
1/13/16: Farewell to Classic Alice with Kate Hackett & Chris O’Brien (Fandomania)
1/10/16: A Goodbye to Classic Alice (GeekyNews)
1/7/16: 13 Things You Didn’t Know about ‘Classic Alice’ (Moviepilot)
1/4/16: Web Series Spotlight: Classic Alice (Germ Magazine)
12/29/15: 2015: best of (Just Muddling Through Life)
12/20/15: Classic Alice Creator Kate Hackett talks End of the Series, New App (The Daily Fandom)
12/11/15: Paula’s Soapbox LIVE: Kate Hackett Farewell Classic Alice Interview (Paula’s Soapbox)
12/4/15: Austen Adaptations in the Vlogosphere (Palatinate)
12/2/15: Classic Alice Announces Persuasion Arc, Charity Auction for the Holiday Season (The Daily Fandom)
11/11/15: YouTube Series All Book Lovers Should Watch (Uloop)
11/5/15: ‘Classic Alice’ Tackles New Book, Approaches 100th Episode (The Daily Fandom)
11/2/15: IamA Actor! writer! producer! Kate Hackett, creator/actor in Classic Alice AMA! (Reddit)
10/26/15: Let’s Drink – Halloween with Kate Hackett (LaughStash TV)
10/22/15: Here Are the Voice Actors of the Life Is Strange Cast (Twinfinite)
10/14/15: Classic Alice Announces The Halloween Arc Dracula, Watch The First Five Videos Now (Geek Alabama)
9/30/15: Classic Alice Announces ‘Dracula’ Halloween Arc + New App (The Daily Fandom)
9/24/15: Listen To The Geek Alabama Interview Of Kate Hackett From Classic Alice (Geek Alabama)
9/23/15: New app will help track the sprawling world of ‘Classic Alice’ (The Daily Dot)
9/22/15: Transmedia Series Classic Alice Joins Forces With The Horizon Factory For New App Experience (The Horizon Factory)
9/10/15: ‘Classic Alice’ Launches Olenska’s Quarterly + New School Store Designs (The Daily Fandom)
9/9/15: ‘Classic Alice’ Launches New Interactive Literary Magazine & School Store Designs (Indie Series Network)
8/28/15: ‘Classic Alice’ Goes Back to School on September 1st (The Daily Fandom)
7/30/15: Classic Alice Transmedia Expands with Character Diaries (Indie Series Network)
7/28/15: Lesbian BFF from “Classic Alice” gets her own spin-off in “Musica Mundana” (AfterEllen)
7/26/15: Web Series to Watch Until TV Comes Back (Geek & Sundry)
7/23/15: ‘Classic Alice’ Launches Spinoff ‘Musica Mundana’ (The Daily Fandom)
7/22/15: 7 Literary Web Series You Should Be Watching Based On Your Favorite Book (Bustle)
7/21/15: Tube Tuesday: Terrific Transmedia (ArsTechChick)
7/17/15: San Diego Comic Con 2015 with Kate Hackett (LaughStashTV)
7/10/15: An Interview with Kate Hackett – Classic Alice’s Writer and Lead Actress (GeekyNews)
7/6/15: Web Series: CLASSIC ALICE (
7/3/15: Frivolous Friday… Webseries Shout Out (Pen and Paper Blog)
6/30/15: Checking In with Kate Hackett on the New Season of Classic Alice! (The Televixen)
6/26/15: Classic Alice Reaches One Million View Milestone (Snobby Robot)
6/26/15: ‘Classic Alice’ Celebrates 1 Million Views With An All-New Transmedia Experience (The Daily Fandom)
6/26/15: ‘Classic Alice’ Celebrates One Million Views (Indie Series Network)
6/15/15: YouTube Series That Debuted This Summer (The YouTube Buzz)
6/12/15: Fashion, Fairies & Sexy Vampires — Summer Web Series Roundup (New Media Rockstars)
6/11/15: Classic Alice, our favorite literary darling, has returned! (BookTrib)
6/10/15: Update: Classic Alice is back! (Fixed Baroque)
6/10/15: Enjoy a New Season of Classic Alice with the Show Going Outside (Geek Alabama)
6/9/15: The Returns of Classic Alice and The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy (Nice Girls TV)
6/8/15: Classic Alice Books 8+ Preview (Thank You Liz Lemon)
6/8/15: Return of the Webseries (Fandomania)
6/4/15: Down the Rabbit Hole Again: Classic Alice Is Coming Back Next Week! (MCM Buzz)
6/2/15: ‘Classic Alice’ Returns on June 9th (The Daily Fandom)
5/4/15: ‘Classic Alice’ Enters Production For New Season (The Daily Fandom)
5/4/15: Literary Web Series ‘Classic Alice’ Enters Production on All-New Season (Indie Series Network)
3/6/15: Guest Post: Why You Should Help Save “Classic Alice” (Novel Novice)
3/4/15: Check It Out: Classic Alice (Thank You Liz Lemon)
3/3/15: Classic Alice: Books Eight and Beyond! (Nerdy But Flirty)
3/3/15: Classic Alice Delves Into Centuries-Old Literature Through Modern Multi-Platform Storytelling (ThriveWire)
3/2/15: Classic Alice Review (Geek Bomb)
2/27/15: Meet Classic Alice (Page Turners)
2/23/15: 7 Reasons YA Readers Should Watch Classic Alice (YA Bibliophile)
2/18/15: Classic Alice Lives Classic Lit (Adaptation)
2/16/15: The Classic Alice and the Brave New World of Transmedia Storytelling (Snobby Robot)
2/15/15: Interview: Kate Hackett of Classic Alice (The TV Sisters)
2/12/15: Interview with Kate Hackett from Classic Alice (Tony interviews Kate!) (Geek & Sundry)
2/12/15: Interview with the Writer Behind Classic Alice (Kate Hackett) (Jorie Loves a Story)
2/11/15: Episode 15 – Classic Alice (Webisode Watch)
2/11/15: Podcast Ep. 39 – Conversation with Kate Hackett of Classic Alice (WebVeeGuide)
2/10/15: Episode 69: Kate Hackett (plz RT podcast)
2/6/15: Classic Alice’s Kate Hackett Talks Classics, Chemistry & Crowdfunding (The Televixen)
2/5/15: Mini-séries de Lover : “Classic Alice” avec Kate Hackett et Tony Noto (Films de Lover)
2/3/15: Fund This: “Classic Alice” Lives In Literary Wonderland (Tubefilter)
2/2/15: Support New Crowdfunding Campaign for ‘Classic Alice’ (Indie Series Network)
2/1/15: Crowdsourcing Weekends: Echo Connect Plus, Manifest Destiny Billboard Project, Classic Alice Books 8+ (Geek Alabama)
1/30/15: Fundraiser Friday: Classic Alice (New Media Rockstars)
1/29/15: Classic Alice web series: Interview with creator & star Kate Hackett (BuzzChomp)
1/26/15: “Classic Alice” is a charming web series featuring a lesbian character (AfterEllen)
1/26/15: Meet Classic Alice! (Fixed Baroque)
1/23/15: Classic Alice and Why You Should be Watching (GeekyNews)
1/19/15: YouTube Takes on the Classics (Proyect X)
1/15/15: Web Series Review: Classic Alice (Read the Screen)
1/9/15: Classic Alice, living her life according to classic literature (live chat with Kate and Tony) (Booktrib)
1/9/15: Classic Alice Webseries – Season 1 Review (The Daily Fandom)
1/6/15: Web Series Review: ‘Classic Alice’ Expands Past Wonderland (Pop Insomniacs)
12/4/14: Web Series Wednesday: The Classic Alice: “…I’ll try not to gush.” (Snobby Robot)
11/30/14: Living Through Literature: Classic Alice Brings Books To Life on Campus (MCM Buzz)
11/12/14: Lit for Webheads: Spotlight on Classic Alice (Booktrib)
11/5/14: ‘Classic Alice’ web series expands its world with podcasts (Hypable)
10/31/14: ‘Classic Alice’ Web series gives a college girl’s life literary treatment (KPCC (NPR) Off-Ramp)
10/26/14: ‘Classic Alice’ video interview: Kate Hackett, Tony Noto talk ‘Book 5,’ fans, and romance (Hypable)
10/21/14: October Favorites (Karen Kavett)
10/21/14: Interview with Kate Hackett of Classic Alice!! (Inklings Press)
9/26/14: Weekend Web Series Watch List (New Media Rockstars)
9/11/14: Featured web series: ‘Classic Alice’ is a light-hearted literary comedy (Hypable)
9/5/14: Interview with Kate Hackett from Classic Alice (Fandomania)
9/1/14: ‘Classic Alice’ – Exclusive Cast and Crew Interview (Geek Insider)
8/28/14: 14 Exceptional YouTube Series That Literature Lovers Should Watch (.Mic)
8/27/14: Breathing New Life Into Classic Books With ‘Classic Alice’! (Reading Rainbow)
8/22/14: Paula’s Pick: Classic Alice (Paula’s Soapbox)
8/5/14: YouTube webseries ‘Classic Alice’ treats literature as a way of life (The Daily Dot)
8/5/14: Episode 42: The Classic Alice (with Kate and Tony) (plz RT podcast)
8/2/14: Curious Books: An Interview With The Classic Alice (Reading Rainbow)
6/24/14: Web Series Spotlight: The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy and Classic Alice (Nice Girls TV)
5/29/14: The Literary-Inspired Web Series You Should Be Watching (Hello Giggles)
5/29/14: Top Five: Web Series (Readerly Geek)
5/13/14: Adaptation Week: Classic Alice (Wait + Hope)
4/22/14: Classic Alice (WebVeeGuide)
4/16/14: Q&A: Kate Hackett of Classic Alice (Drunk Austen)
4/15/14: Episode 30: Kate Hackett (plz RT podcast)
4/14/14: Fresh Off Campus: Kate Hackett (BU Alumni Association)
4/12/14: Classic Alice: A Review (Nellymair)