The Show

Is this an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland?

No. Unless you consider the world of books to be wonderland. WHICH IT OBVIOUSLY IS.

So what is this about?

Classic Alice is the story of Alice Rackham, a college student with a huge drive to succeed. When she gets a bad grade on an essay because she isn’t emotionally connecting to material, she decides to take it a step further and live her life according to classic novels. Her friend, Andrew Prichard, uses the opportunity to make a vlog-style documentary about the process. DRAMA and HIJINKS ensue. Want a taste? Watch the trailer!

How many episodes are there? What kind of time commitment are we talking?

117, plus Musica Mundana! As far as time commitment: You can catch up in about five hours. That’s like two or three movies. You totally have time.

Okay. So how do I watch everything in order?

Just start on Amazon or this playlist, sit back, and enjoy. There are two quick prequels that will introduce you to Alice and Andrew, and then the story starts.

Didn’t the videos used to be numbered differently?

Yep! The episodes and confessionals used to have different numbering systems, but now they’re all numbered together, in the order in which you should watch. We hope this is less confusing. Our Cara- and Lily-centric spinoff, Musica Mundana, does have its own numbering.

What’s with the other videos?

There are five numbered prequels – two before book one, two between books one and two, and one between books seven and eight – and some fun unnumbered extra videos. Some of those don’t matter to the plot, like Sock Puppet Theater: The Purple Wedding, but some reveal VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION. (*cough* Alice Rackham’s New Year’s Resolutions *cough*)

And there are podcasts?

There are! Cara has a music podcast called This Proof Is Treble, and Andrew and Alice have a podcast comparing books with their movie adaptations called Pens vs Lens. You can listen to all the podcasts at SoundCloud.

Do I have to read all the social media, too?

You don’t have to – you can definitely understand the show just by watching the videos – but it’s fun and adds some interesting tidbits about what’s going on! To see important social media posts archived in order along with the videos, check out the Narrative.

Is there an easy way to follow all the characters on Twitter?

You bet! Just follow the CA Characters list. The characters usually tweet when they post elsewhere (like YouTube or Tumblr or Instagram), too, so you’ll see all those links in one handy place as they happen. (There’s a list of the cast, too!)

I missed the Indiegogo. Can I still donate?

Absolutely. Thank you!

When are you coming back?

We’re back! New videos appear on our YouTube channel on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 a.m. PDT.

The Characters and Setting

What year of school are the characters in?

In book one, Alice and Cara are sophomores and Andrew is a junior. In books two through seven, Alice, Cara, Lily, and Ewan are juniors; Andrew and Heather are seniors. Books 8+ kick off the summer following that school year.

How old is Alice?

She turned 21 during book seven. Her birthdate is December 23, 1993.

Where do the characters live? It looks like Andrew has an apartment, but he said he lived in Prichard Hall.

During book one, the characters lived in the dorms at Valeton. But during the summer between books one and two, Alice, Cara, and Andrew moved to off-campus apartments.

What’s the deal with Nathan? Why doesn’t he talk?

Nathan is Andrew’s intern, and he does a lot (though not all) of the filming. He’s an uninvolved participant, so he doesn’t want to be seen or heard on camera. He does tweet, but only in emoji.

What’s an ocelot?

The Valeton mascot! Also a particularly adorable type of wild cat native to Mexico and Central and South America. Seriously. ADORABLE.

So what are Ocelittles?

Classic Alice fans! Adorable name, right? (So far as we know, ocelot kittens are not technically called ocelittles, BUT THEY SHOULD BE.) (And there’s a Bolivian subspecies of the margay, a different species of wild cat, that is sometimes known as the ocelittle. This is probably more than you wanted to know.)

Is Valeton a real school? Can I go there?

Alas, not really. It’s a fictional Ivy League-level university. But you CAN enroll to be a student at Valeton University and RP there/Twitter/wherever! You can follow Valeton on Twitter, and keep up with independent student-run newspaper The Ocelot Call on Twitter and Tumblr. You can even submit to campus literary magazine Olenska’s Quarterly!

Where is it located?

Somewhere in New England.

So where are Alice and Andrew from?

Well, Alice’s cell phone area code is 860, and Andrew’s is 631. (Plus he’s a Yankee fan.) Make of that what you will.

Where did Andrew get that cat?

Good question.

The Books

How can I read along with Alice? I can’t buy a bunch of books!

Good news! All of the books Alice reads are in the public domain, so you can download and read them for free!

Public domain?

That means they’re not protected by copyright law, so they can be used freely as source material (and you can read them for free). There are some exceptions, but as a general rule, this means they were published before 1923.