Tony Noto


Tony Noto saw Braveheart and decided to do exactly that. And by that, I mean swing swords at Englishmen with his face painted blue. After he was done saving Scotland, he graduated with a Film and Theater degree from the University of Texas and moved to Los Angeles to bring his gentlemanly charm to Hollywood. Tony is often referred to as a young mischievous Matthew McConaughey with the intensity of Michael C. Hall. Currently, Tony studies Human Behavior with Candace Silvers, granddaughter of Phil Silvers, who has worked with and coached Chris Evans, Gary Oldman, Brad Pitt, and Josh Radnor. Tony also has studied all four levels at Upright Citizens Brigade and has blended his training to develop the smart ass hero who you love to hate. Or hate to love, you choose. As well as acting Tony is a sword fighter and does fencing and stage combat in Burbank at Tim Weske’s Swordplay LA. You read that last sentence correctly. What’s your favorite book? Game of Thrones duh! Iliad, Odyssey, The Alchemist.

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