Alexis Edelman


Alexis is Founder / Producer at Bam!PRODUCED., LLC and has created and developed content for a few leading platforms in new media. After showcasing her web series Bullets last year, Ms. Edelman has garnered attention for her work, having received 3 accolades for the series including an award for Outstanding Producing in a Drama Series. She is currently working hard on developing Season 2. Ms. Edelman has also produced “Catching Fireflies”, which is set for Oscar contention in 2015, and “Pathological”, a short film currently circling the festival circuit. In addition to her work at Bam!, Ms. Edelman has had the opportunity to work for Joe Digital, Inc. for the last several years on several digital series for the MSN Video Network and on a few big hits including “American Idol”, “The X-Factor”, and “So You Think You Can Dance”, while Joe Digital was serving as FOX’s digital content production and strategy partner.

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